My story

My story with horses began in 1966, when I, at the age of 12 years, got my first horse. Within the first year I got my first breeding mare (Warmblood).

In 1976 I founded my first Horse Transport Co., moving horses domestically and all over Europe by road.

In 1997 I did my first horse flight on a Cargolux flight from Luxembourg to Los Angeles, California.

In 1999, the road Transport Co. was sold and I became a full time independent horse flight attendant for hire, registered by AATA in 2000, certified by NPTC/AATA in January 2003.


The founding of

Airhorse ltd.

I decided to start as an agent arranging transports July 1st 2003 and – Airhorse Ltd. – was founded January 1st 2004.

I have witnessed over the years and during numerous flights, too much compromising and half measures during the air transportation of horses and wanted to put myself in as much control of these services as possible.

I want to do these transports with the condition and safety of the horse as the most important aspect along with a fair price, as much as possible.

Best regards,
Thomas Ingvard Nielsen
Founder and Manager



“I wanted to thank you and all who handled Luka for the excellent service to both Luka and I. He arrived in very good condition, happy, just like you promised. In additional, everything that went with him, arrived with him. I appreciate the professional and compassionate service. A few trainers at the farm took your information down for future imports from Europe.”

– Sara Ramos

“Thank you so much for your help shipping my Stallion, Shailamaann, from the USA to Germany. You were so organized and professional. We appreciate your very special ‘Customer Service’. You really helped us when other Transporters had let us down. I do believe the shipper from Amsterdam had trouble handling my Colt, but all is well. We will definitely call you for all of our future transport needs.”

– Christine von Wedel

“Hi Thomas. As I told you just after horses shuipment in Spain, I am really satisfied. You really know your business and your profesionalism and customer service is excellent; you adviced me very well too about taxes and custom procedures. Prices are more expensive than competitors but at least your customer service and results are very good. Thanks”

– Josep Morancho

Business Policy


Service area: We are a Denmark based company, but we work globally, which means you can contact us no matter from where to where on the globe, you are in a need of a transport solution for your horse(s). We can always help you via our big network of partners and own local offices.

Pricing: We always give our clients a complete overview of the total costs of the transport, as accurate as possible, based on the information passed on to us!

Information during the trip: We always do our best to keep our clients updated where their horse(s) is/are during the trip, by either text message to their mobile phones (Preferable) or by e-mail!

Insurance of horses and equipment: This is NOT a part of our basic services, but can be arranged by request (In writing), which is normal standard in the global horse transport industry.

Your horse, and it's safety and comfort, is of the greatest importance to us!

At Airhorse Ltd. we put the horses and our customers first. This means that we would never transport a horse in uncomfortable means. We have lots of experience with horses and know how to handle them during the long airborne trips. 


Our Partners

Airhorse Ltd. has allied partners in Amsterdam, Frankfurt/M, Luxemburg, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Riyadh, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Tianjin(Beijing), Guangzhou, Auckland and Melbourne.

Own offices in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.