Charters and part charters

For shipments of large numbers of horses, Airhorse Ltd. has the knowhow to arrange and carry out charter/part charter flights from anywhere to anywhere on the planet.

Over the last 3 years, Airhorse Ltd. has, among others, been involved in charter flights from:

  • Argentina - Holland (98 horses)
  • Argentina - United Kingdom (76 horses)
  • Argentina - Malaysia (90 horses)
  • The Netherlands - China (47 horses).
  • United Kingdom – Spain (38 polo horses).
  • Another big operation, executed by Airhorse Ltd., was the Europe Tour of the Canadian Horse Show “Cavalia” in 2007 to 2009.  Airhorse Ltd. shipped, in 2007, their 67 horses by air and 40 sea containers with equipment from Los Angeles to Brussels, Belgium. In 2009 we returned the whole show to Los Angeles again

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