"Hi Thomas. As I told you just after horses shuipment in Spain, I am really satisfied. You really know your business and your profesionalism and customer service is excellent; you adviced me very well too about taxes and custom procedures. Prices are more expensive than competitors but at least your customer service and results are very good. Thanks"

- Josep Morancho

"Thank you so much for your help shipping my Stallion, Shailamaann, from the USA to Germany. You were so organized and professional. We appreciate your very special 'Customer Service'. You really helped us when other Transporters had let us down. I do believe the shipper from Amsterdam had trouble handling my Colt, but all is well. We will definitely call you for all of our future transport needs."

- Christine von Wedel

"I wanted to thank you and all who handled Luka for the excellent service to both Luka and I. He arrived in very good condition, happy, just like you promised. In additional, everything that went with him, arrived with him. I appreciate the professional and compassionate service. A few trainers at the farm took your information down for future imports from Europe."

- Sara Ramos

"Everything is fine this evening . . . Wednesday, Oct. 11. The boys - Campino and Acco-Leth are resting comfortably at the quarantine barn. Kevin is awesome. A true professional. You have a great team put together. It has been such an honor to be part of your operation. Really, an honor. I look forward to meeting you next weekend (10-21)"

- Paul LaRussa , Tove, Sophia, and Danny

"Yo thomas, all things went smoothly. nice riding in amsterdam park. met some nice people. I accually don't see how it could be better. haulers were super, you too! everything was super. top recomendations. kevin was helpful and a great guy."

- David Putnam.

"Thank you very much for all your help. I am sure without it the horses would not be in Bahrain now. They arrived in good condition and looking fresh. Last night they eat all their food and settled in well. This morning we walked them out for 1 hour and they seemed to be very happy. I hope that when we buy more horses that we may work with you again. Once again, thank you very much for your hard work."

- Allan Smith

Hi Thomas, just wanted to say thank you for forwarding Ben's passport which I have now received. Also, wanted to say a million thanks for ensuring Acraland arrived in such great shape. The guys at Miami airport said that they had been soaking his hay also and he loaded up in our new trailer with no problems and travelled like a dream to our final destination in Austin, Texas. He is in great shape, had lost next to no weight during the whole trip and infact was bouncing with energy during our overnight rest areas on route to Texas! He is now settling into his new home and seems relaxed and happy. Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone who handled my horse with such care.

- Laura, David Brasich

"Hi Thomas,

This is the first chance I have had to send you a proper thank you for organizing the shipping arrangements for Carasso. Despite the stress I felt about the whole procedure, everything went extremely smoothly and he arrived in absolutely perfect condition (not a mark on him) and in perfect health and weight. He has now had a couple of weeks to settle into his new home in Canada and I think that is taking some adjustment, as it is with me too, but we have both been able to enjoy some very nice rides together, despite the Canadian coldness.

Once again, thank you for all your help and support, I hope never to have to ship a horse again, but if I do, you would be the first one I would call, and if I ever hear of anyone needing an international flight for their horse, I will be sure to pass along your name."

- Tracy Swainson, Canada

 "I just want to thank you for all help you gave me when my colt was going from California to Sweden, and not just him, me too. I called you half a year in advance, and you told me how everything was going. When it was time to go everything ran smoothly. Pat, the cowboy, got him on the truck and Kevin helped me in LA. All those nice people taking care of not just my horse, but me too. On the plane Leo Visser was animal atttendent, and he was very nice and polite. He helped me on the plane, on the airport in Amsterdam and then when we came to Bozsicht stable near Schiphol. And I think you called me every day, just to make sure "the crazy Sweed" didn´t get lost somewhere. My baby, had a safe journey and he is so nice and calm. I really got that contact with him that I wanted and that´s why I wanted to go myself and get him. We are going to bring more foals to Sweden, and next time you can be sure we will contact you again, just make sure that all "my boys" are working on that trip too."

- Madeleine Haag, Turbo Star Arabians

"Dear Thomas. I would like to start off by saying thank you for all your hard efforts regarding the transportation of "Vuitton". He arrived safely in Holland by Truck and then the amazing part to me was that the Air transportation ran so smoothly. When he finally arrived as it was such a long trip for him he did not have a scratch on him. He immediately recognized me and called to me. Thank you for taking such great care of him he looked just as fit as he was before he left. He did not loose any weight at all from travelling he looked fantastic. Especially it being his first time ever on an airplane now he can continue with his career as a Grand Prix horse. I would trust you with any horse I ever owned. Should I have to ship a horse anywhere again I would immediately use your company. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know. You are extremely knowledgeable in the world of equestrianism. I greatly appreciate everything you done to make his trip so safe and thank you so very much."

- Lisa

"Dear Thomas

Thanks so very very very much for your superb care in getting my Irish Cob, Brian Boru, shipped to me. Your service far exceeded my expectations, everything went very smoothly and Brian Boru arrived in great shape. You kept me informed of progress every step of the way which was much appreciated.

All of you were so kind and helpful and you can be sure that I will use your service again. If you should ever need a glowing reference from me, I will be delighted to provide it."

- Susan Hopmans, La Vista Farm

"Hello Thomas. The horses looked great and traveled well from quarantine to my stable. They are all settled in and are already working! THANK YOU for your attention and keeping me posted on how they were doing. I will let you know when I have more coming (or going). Maybe soon!"

- Sharon

"Hello Thomas. Thank you for calling us about Mozart´s safe arrival in LA, USA. As it was a long trip from Amsterdam we were very happy to know that he arrived happy and well. We have been so pleased with you excellent service in connection with Mozart´s flight to the USA. All the time we felt secure and were convinced that you would do everything to make our horse feel good in the stressful situation. We will definitely make use of Airhorse again and also recommend your company to everybody who is going to have a horse transported by air."

- Viviann Flethøj

"Dear Thomas. Your service and follow up is outstanding and you give impression to your clients, that your really care for them and their horses – even it must be an enormous drama for the horses to be shipped around the world!”

- Karin Dilou, Danehill Ranch

"I have known Thomas Nielsen since 1982, where he did the first transport for me to Stockholm, with the mare "Ramona". The mare was the winner in this Swedish classical race "Dianalöpning". Since then Thomas has been behind at lot of my winners all over Europe as the transporter. My horses has always arrived, no matter where, in good health and condition and top motivated for their task. Thomas is the only person ever allowed to travel with my winner horses without employees from my own establishment to accompanying these."

- Ole Larsen

Winner of among others:
Danish Derby: 1975, 1976, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1987.
Swedish Derby: 1975, 1976, 1981.

"Hi Tomas. Yes, thank you, Faustino arrived nov 9 at 11pm at Merry Go Around Farsm. He was fine and started to eat and drink right away. I think he has lost weight under the trip but otherwise he seems to be in an good shape. I am very satisfiled with your service, I special appreciate the communication before, during and after the flight. Hopefully Faustino will make the same trip back to Sweden next time. Thank you and keep in touch."

- Lisa Svenson

"Ever since 1977 I've used Thomas Nielsen and his company for all the transportation of horses that I didn't handle my self. He has always been on time, trustworthy and had a good carefull way of handeling the horses so they arrived in fine shape. It is my pleasure to give him my best recommendation."

- Jytte Jarl

"Thomas. Teri arrived this morning about 11:30 and looks great. She is settling into her new surrounds just fine. I unbandaged the wound and it looks good. The vet will be round tomorrow and give it a check just to make sure all is well. I cannot thank you and Wout enough for your handling and care of her."

- Linda

"Hi Thomas. Just to let you know recieved my filly today at 5PM, than you for the wonderful service you provided and the care you took of my horse. Also thanks for keeping me informed every step along the way. I will definately be recommending you to my friends and would have no worries about using you again. Thanks again."

- Samantha

"This is just an e-mail to tell you that Lord X arrived well to Oakcrest, and settled right in with no problems whatsoever. We would like to thank you both warmly for your help, it has been nothing but a pleasure to have you bring our horse in for us. The service was amazing from start till end and there is no doubt that we will use you exclusively for any future horses we may bring in. We will naturally also recommend you to anyone we meet who are considering transporting horses from Europe to N.A in the future :-)

Again, thank you both very much :-)"

- Allen & Susan Fooladi Hunter

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