My history with horses began in 1966, when I, at the age of 12 years, got my first horse. Within the first year I got my first breeding mare (Warmblood).

In 1976 I founded my first Horse Transport Co., moving horses domestically and all over Europe by road.

In 1997 I did my first horse flight on a Cargolux flight from Luxembourg to Los Angeles, California.

In 1999, the road Transport Co. was sold and I became a full time independent horse flight attendant for hire, registered by AATA in 2000, certified by NPTC/AATA in January 2003.



I decided to start as an agent arranging transports July 1st 2003 and - Airhorse Ltd. - was founded January 1st 2004.

I have witnessed over the years and during numerous flights, too much compromising and half measures during the air transportation of horses and wanted to put myself in as much control of these services as possible.

I want to do these transports with the condition and safety of the horse as the most important aspect along with a fair price, as much as possible.

Best regards,
Thomas Ingvard Nielsen
Founder and Manager

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