Business Policy

or Transport Philosophy AND SERVICES ...

Service area: We are a Denmark based company, but we work globally, which means you can contact us no matter from where to where on the globe, you are in a need of a transport solution for your horse(s). We can always help you via our big network of partners and own local offices.

Pricing: We always give our clients a complete overview of the total costs of the transport, as accurate as possible, based on the information passed on to us!

Information during the trip: We always do our best to keep our clients updated where their horse(s) is/are during the trip, by either text message to their mobile phones (Preferable) or by e-mail!

Insurance of horses and equipment: This is NOT a part of our basic services, but can be arranged by request (In writing), which is normal standard in the global horse transport industry.

Your horse, and it's safety and comfort, is of the greatest importance to us!

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